Issues Facing Edmonton and Ward Sipiwiyiniwak

It is time to address our spending priorities and get back to basics.



As we have all seen, there seems to be an endless supply of money for huge pompous capital projects, while at the same time we continue to cut core services. We are spending billions on trolley cars that do not get people downtown any faster than the bus, while we are cutting 100 bus routes. We have spent hundreds of millions on LRT systems, but cannot keep them safe and secure, so as a result we have seen a decrease in ridership. We spent 120 million on an elaborate police training facility that only the police and inmates at the remand center get to see, while at the same time cutting police budgets. We build a multi million dollar Funicular that is regularly broken down and damaged, while at the same time reducing maintenance to our parks. We spend millions building and maintaining concrete curbed bike lanes that very few people use year round, but have cut budgets and severely neglected our road and park maintenance. We got caught by the province using photo radar as a cash cow rather than as a safety device, so now we had to take on the expense of adding high vis wraps to the fleet. Now they are contemplating parking fees at rec centers, and privatizing facilities and maintenance, so they can take make up for their bad choices and take money out of your pockets with policies that severely affect people of a lower economic status. Enough is enough already. We need spending priorities that reflect the needs of the majority of Edmontonians. Roads, transit service, parks, rec centers, and public safety should be the city's top priorities and that's why I am running. It's time to look after the needs of the rest of us and leave these political resume building projects behind. What we desperately need here is openness and transparency with regards to the the money we are spending. The trade offs we are making should be shown and easily accessible to everyone. When the city moves ahead with a project we should be made aware of what the costs are, what the trade offs are, what were the alternative plans and why this was the best course of action for the dollars that are spent.

Construction delays and massive cost overruns have to stop



Capital projects that run horrendously over budget, hundreds of millions of dollars spent on consultants, contractors not being held accountable for the contracts they signed, and top heavy management departments have to stop if we are to create a sustainable City. We can do better! We can plan better, budget better, implement better and negotiate better contracts. It's never okay to waste taxpayer dollars and it is wrong to continue to increase taxes because we cannot get this right. In light of our current economic situation in the Province it is now more important than ever to stop the wasteful practices that have resulted in where we are today. 

We need a City Council that serves the needs of all Edmontonians


The citizens of Edmonton deserves a City Council that listens to their needs, then finds solutions that work for everyone now and in the future. From housing to transportation to City services we need solutions for all and we can certainly do better. This process has to start with trust and a City Council that is open, transparent and responsible with your tax dollars. We can do better! Edmonton is a wonderfully diverse City with complex problems that are going to, at times, seem like we need to choose one side or another. That is why it is important to come up with creative solutions that work for everyone, not just a select few. You deserve a City Council that listen and understands. You deserve a City Council that cuts waste not programs. You deserve a City Council that is accountable to you.

We do not need industrial development in the River Valley



If you ask Edmontonians what the nicest part of Edmonton is, the majority would say the River Valley. What a great place to spend your time hiking, biking, running, walking, boating, taking the dog for walk or just simply sitting and watching the river pass by. Our River Valley is the longest stretch of connected urban parkland in North America and we are so fortunate to have it and so grateful for all the people who help maintain it. We have so many better options outside of the city for a solar farm than in the middle of the city within our pristine river valley parkland. Clean renewable energy is the way of the future and I fully support the construction of it, but just not here. Epcor is a large profitable corporation. We don't need to be pushed around by them and allow them to destroy our parkland just so they can increase their profits. This project is an incredibly bad move for Edmonton and ward Sipiwiyiniwak and if elected I will do everything I can to reverse this decision. 

We can do better. Vote for change on October 18


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  • Derek Hlady