About Derek

Derek Hlady is a local entrepreneur that has decided to step away from business and move into a position of service to help make Edmonton a better City for everyone.

Having moved to the region in 1989 as a teenager, Derek attended a local high school and went to work in the oil patch shortly thereafter. After years in the oilfield it was time for a new challenge and he moved to Calgary to continue his education where he studied business, technology and finance. Following that, he successfully took on a management role at a small service company and then stepped into his first business venture. Moving back to Edmonton in 2007, Derek made the transition from oil and gas into construction and once again started a company in 2010.

During his time as a business owner and resident of this great city Derek has made many contacts, and the state of governance in the Edmonton is of concern to the majority of them. Wasted tax dollars, a fiscal policy that would bankrupt most private enterprises, and an out of touch City Council are the issues that have motivated him to be a voice of reason at City Hall.

Derek believes that what is required to turn things around is a government that works for the betterment of all its citizens. That a creative and pragmatic approach to dealing with problems is what will help navigate Edmonton towards a better future, and by listening to needs of the people of the city we can come up with superior solutions together.